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The most complete tool.

Minhas Inscrições

We are a group of #PassionateRacers ready to help you quickly, effectively and creatively with your project through

10 anos

of experience and achievements

+ de 1500

events in 2018

+ de 900

clients that built their history with us

+ de 950 mil

athletes registered in our system

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In our years of experience we have evolved with our public, investing in new technologies, tools, staff and runner profiles.

Minhas Inscrições

MINHAS INSCRIÇÕES is your online enrollment portal with more than 8 years in the market.

With years of experience in the market, MINHAS INSCRIÇÕES is one of the most trusted brands for athletes. We work for your satisfaction and that of the runners!
Monitor your slots and enrollments online safely through smart reports, secure enrollment systems and flexibility. The best in the market for your event!
We are constantly investing in new development and safety technologies so your athletes can sign up without ever needing to worry about anything.

Our customer service is what makes us different

Learn how we take care of the customer service process

  • MINHAS INSCRIÇÕES Team is always ready to provide the necessary support
  • Daily updates of your event
  • Contact us individually for each event
  • Reports and statistics of the event

Setting up and promoting your event

Learn how we take care of the setting up and promotion processes.

  • Release of news to the organizer's client base
  • Personalized hotsite for each event
  • Publication of photos of the event on Flickr
  • Personalized proofs
  • Complimentary and discount coupons
  • Promotions for groups and consultancies
  • Combos for multi-stage events

Finalizing your event

Learn how we take care of the event finalization process

  • Certificates of completion
  • Generate the participation number for the event
  • Kit delivery system
  • Publication of results
  • Submission of certification for kit delivery
  • Financial reconciliation

MINHAS INSCRIÇÕES in interaction with the public

As a way to expand communicaiton and conquer the virtual space, we are present in the main social networks, actively engaging with your brand!

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